The amazing staff of teachers for this school year '22-'23 are as follows:


Transitional Kindergarten: Ms. Meza/Mr. Falcon (Rm 6)

Kindergarten: Mrs. Fowler (Rm 1), Mrs. Quarnstrom (Rm 2), Ms. Sy (Rm 3)

1st Grade: Ms. Gonzalez (Rm 5), Mrs. Cline (Rm 7), Ms. Kehoe (Rm 8)

2nd Grade: Ms. Langsdorff (Rm 4), Mrs. Casarez (Rm 13)

2/3 Split: Ms. Krumal (Rm 14)

3rd Grade: Ms. Paz (Rm 16), Ms. Robles (Rm 15)

4th Grade: Mrs. Bishop (Rm 12), Ms. Biegner (Rm 11)

4/5 Split: Ms. Adnams (Rm 10)

5th Grade: Dr. Guanlao (Rm 9)

6th Grade: Ms. Graham (Rm 17)

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