Greetings MWE families, 


I’ve always said, “I love a challenge.” Wait, is that something I say? Actually, I’m pretty sure my Mom coined that phrase and it just stuck with me. Talk about a challenge. What a year to be involved in education. Whether you’re a parent, child, teacher, staff member or principal, life’s challenges are magnified at home and at work, and the daily battles feel like they’re all uphill. These are shared experiences that make us feel connected, like we’re all in this together. And we are. However, we must recognize that the level of the struggle differs greatly from family to family both within our own school and most certainly within our large school district. 


There’s no option to just dip your toes in the water. We gotta dive in, people. I’m talkin’ full-on cannonball-style from the roof. We need to do all that we can to support, protect and include every family and every child in our efforts as a PTA this year. Our most vulnerable community members need us now more than ever. We also need to be patient with our teachers and our leaders as they wade through uncharted waters. We need to trust that they’re doing all that they can to make the best of this situation for our kids. We need to be calm, present and positive with our children. And if we see something that isn’t right or could be better, we need to speak up.


So I am here along with a group of 25+ amazing board members, committee chairs and event chairs. We're committed to blaze new trails and work our tails off to reimagine what it means to be a community. It's imperative we stay connected and focused in our efforts to support every family. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I love our parents. I love this school. I love these kids. It’s a great privilege to serve the PTA and community in this way.


I’ll be honest though, it’s heart-breaking to plan a year of programs and events that we know will pale in comparison to what it really feels like to be at school and on-campus. But we’re digging deep; creating new opportunities to experience togetherness, nurture our relationships and have a little fun too.


I hope you’ll dig in with us because we’re at our absolute best when we’re doing things together, creating lasting memories and making life better for our kids.


To our returning families, take heart in knowing we will decorate for the Halloween Carnival again. We will flip pancakes to thank our community again. We will watch our kids sing at the Holiday show, chaperone field trips, and plant seeds in our gardens again. And to our new families, we can’t wait for you to know what that feels like.


Angela Vawter

President, Mt. Washington Elementary PTA