Letter from the President

Hello Mount Washington Wolves!


I just want to officially introduce myself. My name is Liz Fillmore(she/they) and I am the current President of our Parent Teacher Association.


I have taken this challenge to serve my family’s community. My official role is to oversee and coordinate the Executive Board and be the official contact and communicator who connects families and community to support student success.


I have lived in Mount Washington for 18 years and I know how special it is! People have mentioned to me for years, even before I was a parent that our Elementary school is regarded as a magical oasis. My partner, Jonny and I feel so lucky to live in the catchment!


Our daughter Erin is in the first grade and loves her school, her friends and our neighborhood so much!


With all this in mind I am very aware of all the changes this school year and the big feelings they have created. One of my priorities for the PTA is to repair any breaks in communication that have occurred between parents and the school.


I hope we can agree that the priority of the public school environment is to be a safe place to learn and the priority of the PTA is to facilitate collaboration and support from the parents to enrich learning and make it fun!


I feel we must create a new page where everyone involved can feel comfortable. Change is the only thing constant in life and it's important that as parents and educators we model healthy adaptation.


I want all voices to be represented in our PTA to build trust and work together to enhance that special magical feeling at our school.


We need to understand our systemic challenges and be persistent and hopeful that we will master all the obstacles if we work together.


So I am inviting each of you to consider joining the PTA Executive Board for next year.


We have a great opportunity to reinvent ourselves and find the joy and satisfaction that teamwork and service offers!


Please remember that if we want amazing, fun community events like our legendary Moonlight Howl and our recent Valentine’s Day Dance then we need parent involvement.


If we want a variety of enrichment programs then we NEED a VP of Programs to coordinate them.


If we want parents to know what’s happening at our school then we NEED a VP of Communications to maintain all the sources of information.


If we want additional educational support staff and opportunities for our kids to express themselves through drama, dance and the arts then we need a Direct Appeal team to raise those funds.


Let’s build a team of uniquely qualified, inspired parents for this adventure!


Please email me with any questions or comments you may have!

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