Executive Board Bios 

Angela Vawter, President

I am pleased to be serving as PTA President this school year. Previously, I did two terms as VP-Communications and this is my fourth year as a parent at Mt. Washington Elementary. My son Henry is a third grader now. My husband and I have future wolf 4 yr. old Josephine. I just love our school and consider myself very lucky to be able to volunteer in this capacity. I really enjoy all of our programs and school community events, but my favorites include working with the kids on Loose Parts Play on the kinder yard, volunteering in Henry’s classroom, and working at the Winter Book Fair. The absolute best part for me is being with the kids and getting to know them and their families. It’s a dream to work alongside our dedicated Board, Committees, Mrs. Gravino, the teachers and great parents towards the best of common goals for our kids. I'll do my very best to represent, serve and support all MWE families this year. I encourage everyone to engage in school as best you can even though we’re not on campus. When we chase opportunities and tackle challenges head on, we grow stronger as a community and a school.



Cara Gillis, Communications Chair



Hello Mount Washington community (and other people on the internet reading this). As the Communications Chair I hope to ensure clear, transparent, effective, and succinct communication. QED.







Sonal Khemani, Programs Chair 

Hello Mt. Washington Community. My hope is to help provide quality enrichment to all of our students. We have such a wonderful school community and are fortunate to be able to provide a variety of programming. In my off time, I love to hike, run (more accurately huff and puff my way up and down these hills) and also volunteer as a garden parent at the school. 


 Melissa Villanueva-Fundraising Chair



Howdy...My name is Melissa aka Arthur's mom (6th grade). After 5 years as a parent at Mt. Washington Elementary and 42 years of living in the community, I am proud to serve my first year on the PTA board. I'm hoping to organize some really fun events this year and more importantly, campaign for our children. It is my firm belief that investing in our children yields the highest return. Afterall, the solutions for the world's greatest challenges are locked inside those little rugrats:)







 Mike Kopera., Volunteers Chair

Historian: It could be you! 

Nicole Vexler, Treasurer

Hello Mt. Washington Community! My name is Nicole and I’m the proud mom of Charlie, who will be in 1st grade this year. I’m excited to volunteer as the treasurer and contribute to this wonderful school community. I’m looking forward to this year, to all the fun events, incredible programs and getting to know Charlie’s school mates and their families!