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To those who have donated, THANK YOU! We're more than halfway to our goal of $200K! We're in the final stretch of this year's Direct Appeal campaign and we need your help to fund critical programs such as visual & performing arts, dance and physical education.


(Psst! If we meet our goal of $200k, our Direct Appeal Chair, Luke Wahl, and Mrs. Gravino have something very special planned for the kids... Luke works with Nickelodeon and this surprise has a proven track record to be a hit with the kids.)


Find out more about our Direct Appeal campaign here.



Don't miss out on our threshold gifts.

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If you haven't already, it's not too late to have your child(ren) write a postcard to extended family & friends to ask for support to help raise $200,000 for our school. No donation is too small! For your convenience, we are collecting the postcards in the school office to mail on your behalf. Thank you!



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Need: ACAS Co-Chair!

Are you a creative person or someone who loves working with kids? For the first time since Covid, we are bringing back our Arts Collective After School program ("ACAS") in person! ACAS provides fun and free art projects for students after school once a month. It's a lot of fun to see all the kids be creative together. We currently have someone who is leading the charge, but they need a co-chair to help! Can you be our person? If so, please email president@mwpta.org.

STILL Looking For A Few Good Volunteers

We need help the following days for playground supervision. If you've considered it at all before now, know that it's really easy and really fun!

On the main yard...
Wednesday & Friday recess, 9:50am-10:35am
Wednesday lunch, 11:45am-1:10pm

In the Kinder yard...
Thursday lunch, 11:45am-1:10pm

This is the first year we've ever had a need for parent volunteers on the playground, and everyone who's doing it has been knocking it out of the park. Come and join the team and help make Mrs. Gravino the happiest principal in SoCal.

E-mail Mike at volunteers@mwpta.org

PTA Membership

Renew last year’s membership or sign up today to LAUNCH INTO THE SCHOOL YEAR WITH MWPTA! (And yes, you need to renew every year! 😊) Your $9 membership each year helps us reach our goal of 100% participation and commitment to our MWE students’ education, well-being, and academic success.

We are approaching 90% of our goal of 100% participation for 2022-2023! One of our MWE classrooms has already earned a popsicle party (congrats to Ms. Sy’s classroom!) and several others are approaching the reward for 100% membership! Parents, spouses, students, siblings, grandparents are all encouraged to join and help us reach our participation goal!

There will be an opportunity drawing later this Fall for a special space-themed goodie bag including tickets to the Columbia Memorial Space Center.
Follow the progress of your child’s classroom on the poster in the rotunda — each star represents a membership for the classroom—help us reach the stars!

If you are having trouble signing up for a membership, have questions, or want to check to see if your membership is current, please reach out to the membership team: Laurel Dickow (membership@mwpta.org) and Jen Keeffe (membership1@mwpta.org) so we can help!

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MWPTA gets a portion of every sale!

You can also use Amazon Smile on the Amazon mobile app! Check out this page for more info.

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We sincerely appreciate your support.


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