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Direct Appeal Starts 9/25!



We're aiming to raise $200k for our school for this year's Direct Appeal campaign!


We know our parents are busy so instead of asking our children to sell candy or other items, MWPTA choose to do a big ask from our parents to pay for the resources and services needed to promote support our students. We understand the various strikes are impacting our community and after further discussions and surveys, we landed on the $200k because we all believe that our children deserve the best and are hopeful we'll reach our goal.


More information will be fully uploaded to the Direct Appeal section of this website by 9/25 to help you understand why we are directly appealing to our parents for funds.

Searching for Missing Pancake Painting!

We had a beautiful painting of pancakes at the entrance of Pancake Breakfast in spring and someone took it home to give it an extra layer of protection. We are in search of this painting as we don't recall who took it home. If you have it or know who may have this painting, please email June at president@mwpta.org. Thanks!

Mount Washington Made & Pancake Breakfast

Together Again!


MWE's Pancake Breakfast is returning to its rightful place with Mount Washington Made on Saturday, Sept. 30!


We need oodles of volunteers to make this special fundraiser spectacular. Go through the sign-up genius to find your calling. Volunteer early and often!
Pancake Breakfast Volunteers
Mt. Washington Made Volunteers

Sell Tickets to Pancake Breakfast Volunteers - for the week of 9/26 either before or after school


While Mount Washington Made is a free event (come to browse & shop some amazing items!), we are unfortunately unable to offer the pancakes for free. Purchase your Pancake Breakfast tickets today!



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